Electronic judging system to be used at FPAW Udine

Thanks to Ryan Young we will be utilizing tablet based judging at FPAW in Udine. We will still be applying the FPA judging system so nothing new there, just inputting by tablet rather than by hand.


Most of us have used the system before and we will have training as needed on-site. Further, Ryan will be generating training videos for everyone to watch prior to FPAW.


This should speed all processes including fairly real time results, pool generation for subsequent rounds etc. Thanks, Ryan!



Division directors and international commitee WANTED

Ryan will be running the electronic based system which means he will be involved with seeding, creating the pools etc. and Jakub Kostel promised to be a head judge. At the same we are looking for division directors and members of international commitee which will make sure the pools are balanced, results reviewed and the competition is fair. If you are interested to help, contact Jakub and/or Zanardi and let them know your prefered position.


To be specific, we are looking for:

  • 2x Open pairs division directors
  • 2x Open Coop division directors
  • 2x Mixed pairs division directors
  • 2x Women pairs division directors
  • 5x International commitee for Open/Mixed
  • 5x International commitee for Coop/Women
  • 6x International commitee alternates


Thank you for your consideration.


Registration is now OPEN

The official website for FPAW UDINE 2017 has been launched and it is already possible to register. The tournament fee is 50€ if you register before 30th June 2017, afterwards the fee is 60€.


Don’t forget that to be allowed to compete at World Championship, you have to be an active FPA member. Get your membership here >>


Zzzz you in summer!