Fellow jammers,


The FPA Board has a lot of information we are about to spring on you over the next days and weeks. Please be aware things are coming. All will likely spur discussion. So we start with the following.


After long and frank discussions, both the FPA Board and Zanardi have endorsed the following:
There has been a lot of energy regarding FPAW 2017, which is awesome. We have one more major discussion point before nailing things down: location change from Bibione Italy to Udine Italy.

It appears the costs for both the TD and jammers are quite high for FPAW in Bibione. Part of it is the tourist season, and part of it is the lack of an ultimate tournament infrastructure to lean on for staff, support, and field access. Further, this proposal also secures the weekend after WFDF, allowing folks that want to do both to be able to.

The current request is to move FPAW to Udine, which is not too far away from Bibione and Venice; and the same distance from Venice (airport) as Bibione. It is also Zanardi’s hometown. There are a number of advantages of having it in Udine, to including close proximity for Zanardi and his tournament staff, Udine being a historic and beautiful small town, and the anticipated accommodations allowing all attendees to be near one another throughout the event. In addition, there will be plenty of restaurants and bars walking distance to accommodations and the field site.

It really was a daunting job for Zanardi to try to meet the needs of jammers in Bibione for FPAW. The FPA Board and Zanardi see this as the best compromise, allowing us all to move forward to have a great FPAW that works well for the jammers, the tournament organizers, and the community of Udine.

With that said, the tournament will be held the first three days (weather permitting) outdoors on a grass field in the middle of the city center, unless bad weather conditions dictate we go indoors. Finals indoors/outdoors is to be decided shortly. With the gym site right next to the outdoor spot, quick decisions can be made, even last minute as needed.



Direct message from Zanardi to the board (PK here – also see map attached):
That field is one of the best our jam spot and mostly famous place in the city..


Is used also for some events like concerts.dog shows..markets and other things..


Is located 10 minute walk from the central station and 5 minutes from the hotels (as I said the hotels are between the station and the field)


I already make some call for the accommodation and the hotels are for 20-25 € each per night with breakfast, double rooms..single are 40..triples are cheaper. Maybe discounts if enough rooms booked (http://www.cristallohotel.com/phone/index.html)


Venice – Udine is full serviced by trains (almost 1 train every 30 minutes) almost 7€ ticket. ..(PK here – it is a bit easier to get to than Bibione)

Name of the field: Piazza primo maggio, you can check it on Internet and the attached map

I already asked to my friends who will help us and till now i have (PK here – staff that has committed):
Me,anna bragagnolo,fabio sanna,eleonora Imazio. Antonio Iannettone. Andrea margarit. Alessandro fiermonte.emir TahIri.Michele dal secco.jacopo Labano. Marco Miani. Giovanni pigani.Federico and andrea from fabios trieste Frisbee crew. About head judges: Claudio Cigna and Jakub Kostel. I asked to everyone to confirm in these days and all of these names confirmed me their help in the organization.


We can also have some free accommodation (like 10-15 free beds).

We also spoke with some local places for the parties…there will be all the parties and dinners close to the fields and to the hotels…No one will need to take bus..cabs. .metro (we don’t have it 🙂 ). All walk distance in 10 minutes.



We will organize some trips around our country for who wants to travel…remember we have the mountain in 1 hour and also the sea in 1 hour.


udine fpaw