Hi all.
It is time to anounce that the next year´s FPAW in the beautiful Medellín, the eternal spring city, will be held from july 31 to august 3. The reasons to choose this dates are weather (is a dry sunny season), hotels are a bit cheaper and that week is in between of two very important week events for the city (Colombiamoda a fashion event and flowers festival), so there will be a nice activity which can mean good things for the event in terms of sponsoring and expectators. Doing the event during the flowers festival can mean difficulties for hosting and transportation. Any way if someone want to stay for the festival the chance is served.
Medellin Jammers will be very honored to have you all here in our city for a great tournament in a beautiful enviroment, so hope you to start saving money and reserve a ticket as soon as possible.
For sure if you search, there is a good offer for everyone acording to the budget. I am sure it is not expensive for you to come and enjoy a new city and share with jammers from all the world including Medellin Jammers who are expecting to meet you and give you all the wellcoming spirit of our people.
The tournament hotel by now is hotel 33 conquest and the offer i got is 35 dlr per night. It is about a five minutes walk to the field.
There is another one, hotel belen plaza a little bit cheaper but good too and about the same distance to the field.
Another hosting option will be posted soon.
The field is in a central sector, where is easy to find every thing. There are many stores, restaurants, malls, caffes, party, touristic and any kind of nice places where you can get by walk or in a short taxi ride.
A very good meal is for about 7-10 dlrs in a nice restaurant. For low budget options you can get good fast food or home style menues for about 4-5 dlrs or even less.

We will have a lot of food in the field for competitors , many snaks, fruit and sandwiches or pasta (spagetti or so), beverages, so eating wont be a big deal during the day. 

So dear friends, don´t think too much and put your minds on and plan your trip, make a good routine with a good friend-partner and come over. 

See you in less than a year.

Alfonso Lopez Velez
Tournament Director