Hey all,


I just wanted to give a bit of an update on recent FPA efforts as we continue to build our sport.


First and foremost, my term as President of the FPA Board of Directors will expire at the end of this year, so there will be an election for someone to fill the next 3-year term. I believe that we’ve accomplished a lot over these past several years and we have a lot of momentum to build on. The FPA board will ask for nominations in September. An election will be held in early November, and the results will be announced a couple weeks after that. There are a lot of exciting things going on, and leading the FPA would put you at the forefront of all of it!


EFO 2021 is still tentative. Jakub Kostel, Dexter Struz and the Prague gang have the Frisbeer Gym reserved for October 22-24 but are still monitoring the Covid situation which seems to be getting worse again in some parts of Europe. The final call will be made by the end of August.


If it happens, EFO will also be the first Major FPA event to utilize the “2020” judging system. There will be numerous other events utilizing this system as well going forward, including 2022 FPAW in Tel Aviv (dates TBD, likely September 2022). More on this to come. For more information on the new judging system, contact Thomas Nötzel.


With the success of the Battle Format at the 2019 World Urban Games, the online Tiny Room Challenges, and the excitement generated about disc sports from the recent dramatic moment in disc golf by James Conrad, the FPA is looking to grow some form of the Battle Format into a Major tournament.


So now, the next event to test the concept of the Battle Format will be through the “Junior Indie Freestyle Disc Championship”! This online tournament will take place December 4-5 with two divisions and will eliminate the requirement to perform in a tiny room. There will be a Junior X-Disc division for those under 16 years old, and a Junior Pro division for competitors under 20. Get all the juniors you know to sign up here! https://forms.gle/LNYvPVV8w43S4b2R7 Special thanks to Daniel, Ryan and James for all your work in this regard!


I have had many long conversations with WFDF upper leadership along with regional stakeholders specifically regarding Africa. The FPA has facilitated new jammers learning and competing in freestyle in Africa (especially started in 2019 when WFDF sent an international group of jammers down to Africa to teach freestyle). This, by extension, supports WFDF membership there. Nigeria and Ghana have recently become members of WFDF and more countries are applying. We are working towards doing spread-the-jam efforts in Africa likely next year at ultimate tournaments where more countries will be together and which will allow hands-on training. To follow all the goings on, join the Freestyle Disc Africa group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2074704512833964. In addition, the FPA’s partnership with WFDF continues to help grow our sport. WFDF’s Freestyle Committee chaired by Lori Daniels, and the FPA Board, are focusing on how best to “spread the jam” – expanding opportunities for women freestylers, and outreaching to youth and additional countries worldwide.


Other outreach across the world include Daniel O’Neill’s efforts to spread the jam in Japan, Mexico, and other places as well! Mexico City will hold its first event October 30-31, hosted by Jhonatan Vanegas Restrepo, Angel Moya and Gabii Ortega. Check here for more: https://www.facebook.com/events/1207859592993826/?ref=newsfeed


While you may not have been aware, the FPA rankings have been on hold since the end of 2019. We are waiting to turn them back on hopefully once more events can occur.


The Facebook page Freestyle Frisbee Players has 3,054 members. This is tremendous reach. We are also looking at alternatives to get our messaging out. This is still a work in progress. Obviously freestyledisc.org, the FPA website, is a source. Another alternative is the following: With the jammers on the net yahoo email group being removed, Tom Leitner set up a new googlegroups version. You need to request membership. Go to the following link, sign in/register as needed and request to be added. Of course, there are a number of folks that do not use Facebook, so I ask you to help us spread this message. Go here to join: https://groups.google.com/g/jammers-on-the-net


As always, thanks for being FPA members!


Paul Kenny for the FPA Board




Dębki, Poland August 20-22, 2021


Drop Out Frisbee Contest
Roseto, Italy September 4-5, 2021


44th Virginia States Overall Championship
Fredericksburg, VA September 10-12, 2021


Coppa Cittá de Milano
Frisbee Temple, Milan Italy September 18-19


Anzio Jam 8
Anzio (Rome), Italy October 1-3, 2021


Cranbury Jam 5 (HAT Freestyle + Disc Golf)
Wilton, Connecticut USA October 16-17, 2021


European Freestyle Open (EFO) – tentative
Prague, Czech Republic October 22-24, 2021


1st Campeonato Mexicano de Freestyle: Rumbo al Mictlán
Mexico City, Mexico October 30-31, 2021


Junior Indie Freestyle Disc Championship
Live-streamed Online December 4-5, 2021
Sign up here: https://forms.gle/LNYvPVV8w43S4b2R7


Toma Tu Set / Navijam
Medellín, Colombia December 11-12, 2021


Big Events to Plan for in 2022:

Juntos es Mejor 3
Medellín, Colombia January 15-16


Frisbeer Cup
Prague, Czech Republic February 2022


45th Virginia States Overall Championship
Fredericksburg, VA April 2022


“The Jam”
Jacksonville, Florida end of May 2022


AmsterJam – 20th edition!

Zandvoort beach, Netherlands, July 16 & 17



WFDF World Flying Disc Overall Championship
San Diego, California Summer 2022


FPA World Championships
Tel Aviv, Israel Fall 2022


Junior Indie Freestyle Disc Championship
live-streamed online Fall/Winter 2022


Indie Freestyle Disc Championship
live-streamed online Fall/Winter 2022