Aloha FPA Members!


Have some great ideas in order to grow the sport of Freestyle?


Ever want to have a larger impact on Freestyle Frisbee/Disc?


Ever wonder how the FPA works behind the scenes?


Got a couple hours on some Saturdays throughout the year to brainstorm about creative ways to Spread the Jam?


Want to be a larger part of the recent International Olympic Committee’s recognition of flying disc sports (including freestyle), the FPA website being launched, and our freestyle community continuing to grow world-wide?


Well, now is a great time to be a part of all this!


We’re starting the process of ELECTIONS for the officers within the FPA Board of Directors.


There are 5 elected positions on the FPA’s Board of Directors.

Every November, elections are held for 1-2 of the Board Director jobs for 3-year terms (consistent with the FPA By Laws).



Because some positions were elected or appointed to fill-in vacancies in the past, this year’s elections (2015) will include more Board positions in order to get the election cycle back on track


Terms begin in January 2016.


*The position that is up for election this year for a full 3-year term is:

  • ·      Executive Director (2016-2019)


*For this year’s election, we also must add positions for less than 3-year terms, but only for this election year.  These will be for:

  • ·      Competition Director – 2 year term (2016-2018)
  • ·      Education Director – 2 year term (2016-2018)
  • ·       Marketing Director  – 1 year term (2016-2017) – this position will be up for election again in 1 year for a full 3 year term.

— For Treasurer position:  Bethany Sanchez (current Treasurer) has agreed to stay in this position for one more year, until her position is up for election next year.

In one year (2016), the FPA Board of Directors election cycle will be back on track.

  • ·      In 2016, positions of Treasurer and Marketing Directors will be elected for full 3-year terms.
  • ·      In 2017, positions of Competition and Education Directors will be elected for full 3-year terms.
  • ·      In 2018, position of Executive Director will be elected for a full 3-year term.


Please nominate your candidates* or nominate yourself for one of the positions above.


***** Just email to lorizdisc(at)gmail(dot)com with Subject Line “FPA Board Nomination”:

  1. Candidate’s name*;
  2. Which Board Position nominated for;
  3. 1-2 paragraph summary of interest and qualifications for the position

*Make sure that who ever you nominate is in agreement that they wish to be nominated before you suggest them.


****** Nominations will be accepted through October 31, 2015.


In November, we’ll be sending out a voting poll/ballot and will provide information about each nominated person out for you to review.


Thanks and we look forward to hearing about some great candidates soon!


– Lori Daniels, Executive Director – FPA (January 2010 – December 2015)