We have FPA Board elections this year for Competition Director and Education Director.  If you are interested in running and want to help the sport we all love, please send me a write up including experiences and visions you might have.  Note you must be an FPA Member to run.  Please consider using your energies to help improve our sport in these strange times!  The Board positions will run for 3 years, starting January 1, 2021.


Deadline to submit nominations will be October 3. Email your nominations to


Nominee write-ups will then be made available via and the FPA Facebook page soon after.


Voting will likely be available to FPA membership 2-14 November with announcement soon after.


Thank you!


Paul Kenny




  • Manage all aspects of FPA video projects, including responding to inquiries for videos at freestyledisc (dot) org or FPA Facebook page.
  • Annually notify volunteers and competitors at Jr. events, organize vote at Jr. events, ensure small trophies are made and large trophy updated, ensure web page is updated,  etc.
  • Coordinate Junior Involvement.  Be the main organizational contact regarding Juniors.  Coordinate sponsorship opportunities/involvement of the various disc companies (i.e., XDisc, Discraft, DtW etc.)
  • Coordinate development of an annual FPA Disc design.
  • Contact disc manufacturers to get annual disc donation (Wham-o/DTW 300; Discraft 500).
  • Help promote and distribute videos and other learning tools.
  • Sustainability & Create/Re-introduce a Teaching Template (ala Disc-Course) for places like schools, YMCA’s, Summer Camps, etc.  Must train teachers, coaches, players so when the clinic/camp is over learning and play will continue.  New Club creation is a goal and critical factor.
  • Create More Opportunities – Events, clinics, tournaments, competitions where players (especially new players) can test and showcase their skills, meet other players and groups.  State/city/local competitions are great simple examples (again club creation is a critical factor).
  • Additionally… Freestyle is a sport that all people and ages can be attracted to, learn and enjoy.  An effort to Target Youth/Middle School Age Kids (in USA 11-13 year-olds) can pay off big dividends in the growth of Freestyle.  



  • Participate actively in Board discussions and voting. 
  • Work with the FPA Board to create competition formats and policies that fulfill the FPA’s mission and satisfy member needs. 
  • Communicate with players and tournament organizers about competition issues such as new competition formats, tournament logistics, and other concerns from players and tournament directors. 
  • Advise players, tournament organizers ahd head judge on competition questions. 
  • Maintain the FPA Competition Manual, working with the judging committee. 
  • Ensure accurate implementation of the FPA Competition Manual at tournaments, especially the FPA World Championships. 
  • Improve judging quality through education, standards, video training aids, and other tools based on the current competition formats in cooperation with the judging-committee.
  • Solicit player input regarding the Current Competition Manual. Organize member and board votes to modify the competition manual. 
  • Provide necessary materials, procedures, etc. to a particular tournament’s Head Judge appointed by the TD. This includes making current backup judging materials (judging sheets, difficulty sound files, etc.) available through the FPA website.