The FPA is required per it’s bylaws to have an election for specific positions each year. This year we have 2 positions open, the Competition Director and Education Director. While we have only one person running for each, we still are required to have this election. We are asking all members to vote per the process outlined below. Thank you all for being members and thank those of you volunteering your time to the FPA. Members, please vote even though you may not feel it important.


Under the candidate’s statements is a link to a Survey Monkey ballot for voting on new FPA Board Members. Please take a minute to click on the link and vote.  Do it right away if you can.  The deadline is Wednesday, November 22.


NOTE: Only Bethany Sanchez, the FPA Treasurer, has the password to the ballot. Bethany will keep the results of the vote completely private until after the November 22 deadline, and will not share any individual member’s vote with anyone.  


Thomas Nötzel’s statement regarding Competition Director

This is my application for competition director in the FPA board.


– I started freestyle in Spring 2008
– My first tournament was the Berlin-Jammers 1234-Season-Hat edition Fall in 2008
– Since then I played around 100 divisions with over 60 partners
– I organized 2 german open in 2 different cities
– I am vice president of the german freestyle club with around 40 freestylers
– I am president of the Berlin Frisbee Federation with around 450 frisbeeplayers
– Over the years I build a network of friends and supporters even outside our competitive community
– Last but not least I think I am a pretty good jammer and I know the manual 😉


Advantages with me on the board:


– I am very pragmatic and my work is determined by performance
– I have a high empathy and can divide between my personal point of view and the bigger goal pretty good
– Because the number of tournaments I have been part of (playing, judging, organizing, …) I can say I know the scene 😉
– I love this sport!


Why do I want to do this?


Because the FPA board needs to have a competition director and it seems that nobody wants to do it. Every year this position is vacant is a lost year of progress… I just want to help.


My goals:


– Doing the work what has to be done
– Developing the “paid judges” idea for every FPA tournament
– Creating consequences for unsporting behaviour


What you should know about me:


I am a kryptowaluty jak zacząć banker in “real life”. I am really determined when I know that I am right. I have no friends when it comes to “constructive feedback”.


If you need some more information, feel free to ask.



Jens Velasquez’ Statement regarding Education Director

My Simple Philosophy


We Freestylers may sometimes focus too much on advanced disc play and not enough on what attracts us all in the first place – the flight, the throw. We have got to put “new” guys and gals in a position to win. Early on they have got to get good at one thing, the first thing, the easiest thing – throwing. If they become good, very good at throwing then they will play more and eventually move on to the next thing – one of which is Freestyle. We need to be out there making this happen.


My Goals


The success of Tiina Booth’s National Ultimate Training Camp (NUTC) has prompted others (notably NIKE) to follow suit. Freestyle does not need nor is ready for something on that scale but we definitely need to run more “Jam Camp” style events. I would like to see the FPA get behind and foster this initiative as well as running clinics and “Speed Flow” at all FPA sanctioned events.




Started playing Frisbee in 1974 as a founding member of Glassboro Ultimate which went on to win 2 National Championships after I left
Toured the world doing Frisbee shows and exhibitions for over a decade which included NFL, NBA, MISL and NASL halftime shows in the USA, as well as sponsored tours to England, France, Germany, Belgium, Luxemburg, Denmark, Sweden and Japan.


– Have taught Frisbee classes in multiple school district Adult education programs

– Organized, ran and assisted several Frisbee Jam Camps

– USA Ultimate Level 1 Coach Certification

– Have coached Youth Ultimate past 4 years guiding Morristown NJ HS to 3rd place in 2016 Division II state championships

– Won several world titles partnering with my brother Erwin

– Inducted into the IFT & FPA Hall of fame


Remember, only valid 2017 FPA members are elegible to vote.