want to say thanks to Harvey for another incredible event. It was a truly an outstanding weekend in Scottsdale as many jammmers can verify.

The winds were fairly gnarly this past weekend which was very unusual for our typical Nov. weather. However, most people played well despite the conditions.

Officially there were 21 teams of competitors….yes, I did type twenty-one! This is the largest turn-out of jammers in the past two years. Also, there was a surprise appearance by Kate Dow who has been living in the Santa Fe New Mexico area for the past 9 years. She brought her two children on Sat. afternoon and then reappeared Sat. night to jam when all the players were prepping for the preliminary Pool A competition. It was great seeing her play and we hope she will come out more often to jam with all of us in years to come!!!

Also, Deaton Mitchell was quite revved up to play and compete for this event, but was side-lined on Sat. after doing damage to his ankle. I’m sure he’ll be psyched for his next event when he recouperates!

This year all judging was done using rank order….which cut down on a lot of extra preparation time. I’m not certain if things would have resulted in a different finish had we used the FPA system. Also, the teams were given no time penalties if they finished either too early or too late into the routine. This set up for a very relaxed atmosphere when it came to judging.


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