The axis of the Twin Cities Warsaw and Berlin has been a strong growing force in the past years. There have been just a few HAT Tournaments without a polish Jam-Delegation. 

In order to maintain but also forster the good foreign relations with Warsaw the major of Heinsville 2020 and her entourage will meet in Warsaw for the 1st Twin City Warsaw/Berlin Jam-Conference.  

The summit will be held on the 25th-27th of November 2022 in Warsaw.

The main points on the agenda so far are: 

1. Indoor Impromtu Gathering

2. Visiting Historical polish Jam-Sides 

3. End of Season Recap and Conference Dinner 

If you are also interested in strengthening the forces between the Twin Cities Warsaw/Berlin reqch out to Kuba Opaluch or Benjamin Edelmann.

Place & Time