The winds were light, the sun was out, the grass was green, the music was loud. Twenty-eight people participated in the freestyle event. There were two pools, a pool of six teams and a pool of seven teams. The top two teams from each pool went to the finals.

The Freestyle portion of the New England Overalls was held under absolutely perfect fall conditions at Normandy Farms under the shadows of Foxboro Stadium, including the start of foliage season. Thirteen teams competed. The semifinal round was extremely well played with a consistent light wind conductive to big moves. Highlights of the round included the tight teamwork of Rick Williams and Alan Caplin. Dave Jones and Scott Sailor showed a number of big moves. Scott appears to be the next Mt. Kisco torchbearer. Unfortunately, Shred Oberhein continues with his tight grip on the torch. Incidentally, Ted showed, recent injury and all and limited himself to cheerleading and training some of the talented youngsters in attendance. A big highlight of this round was the back and forth big air mega-gitases of Toddy Brodeur and Jamie Chantiles. Jaime has just returned from a couple of knee injuries and left the rust in the dust. Paul Kenny and Steve Scannell introduced some refined play as they prepare for the Worlds in Hawaii.

The finals continued the hot play. On any given day, any of the four finals routines might have won. Scott/David and Rick/Alan each stepped up their play even from their awesome semis. Toddy and Jamie came out and reshredded at another level. The highlight of the round might have been Jamie’s UltraMegaHein Airborn Gitas Thud felt clear to China. MIT seismologists continue to analyze the data. With the pressure clearly on, Paul and Steve put together a routine of clean coops with Steve’s spinning 49 year old body behaving like a 29 year old and Paul’s turnovers providing just enough margin for victory.


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