Local Anzio and Capocotta Jammers were happy to welcome players from Torino, Bologna and Salento, Italy as well as 4 new players from Brighton beach in the UK.  


Threats of rain on Friday didn’t deter jammers from hitting the beach as Southern Italy jammer Luca Sanso joined local Capocotta Jammers at Rivazzura as the Brighton crew invaded Rome for a jam in front of the Colosseum.


The tournament began on Saturday as light sea breezes and sunshine greeted the players for the open pairs semis where Brighton phenom Gordy Brown competed for the first time and just missed the cut with his partner Capocotta regular Raffaele Pilla.  Busting moves and making the cut to the finals were Capocotta jammers Paolo Cippo and Fabrizio De Rossi, Anzio local Daniele ‘Jemma’ Circensi with Andrea Sarti from Bologna and another local Marco Ferra who paired with Mattia Lombertini also from Bologna.


For the finals we were a bit unlucky as some clouds rolled in and an inconsistent wind came from the land.  Taking 3rd place were Capocotta Legends Alessandro Damiano and Paolo Mirabelli featuring lots of movement and passing.   In 2nd was me and Andrea Marciano with a solid round and taking the title was Anzio local Fabio Nizzo along with Andrea Rimatori.


The Spirit of the Jam award went to all the Brighton Jammers whose hydration level was unsurpassed.


Congrats to all the participants and thanks to Fabio N, Roberto, Raffa and everyone else who helped out this weekend.


Hope to Z YOU here next year at Anzio Jam 3 🙂


– Tom Leitner


Anzio Jam 2 Results

Oct 3-4, 2015

Rivazzuro Beach, Anzio Italy


  1. Andrea Rimatori / Fabio Nizzo
  2. Tom Leitner / Andrea Marciano
  3. Alessandro Damiano / Paolo Mirabelli
  4. Edoardo Favorini / Francesco Romeo
  5. Marco Ferra / Mattia Lombertini
  6. Daniele ‘Jemma’ Circensi / Andrea Sarti
  7. Dario Giusti / Andrea ‘Mixy’ Izzo
  8. Fabrizio De Rossi / Paolo Cippo

T9. Raffaele Pilla / Gordy Brown

T9. Ramon Galliani / Serge Marconi

T11. Luca ‘Frisbee’ Sanso’ / Carlo Perrone

T11. Federico ‘Biko’ Iommi / Roberto Borghesi

T13. Alice Tomassini / Steve Rhodes

T13. Mikey Callaghan / Emiliano Verrino

Anzio Jam 2 – Highlights