With all the upheaval in our sport, leave it to the community to fill the gaps with positive energy!  I know there are more and all our contributions, however big or small, make a difference!


Just a quick list!


Daniel O’Neill coming up with the beyond brilliant Tiny Room Challenge idea (and inspiring Larry Imperiale’s ladder), the freestyle Records idea, reaching out to more continents, countries and cities (Africa and Hong Kong for example), the BLM post….and a bunch of other stuff!


I think Daniel and Char Powell started the Women of Freestyle FB page…what energy and sensibility to seize the moment(s).


Bob Boulware’s recent Women in Freestyle video, already viral!


Ryan Young and judging committee working behind the scenes to make our sport better!


Discraft and Discovering the World for their kind disc donations.  Discraft further reaching out to the FPA with the Gail McColl vintage disc collection.  A wonderful gift we all get to share!


Xdisc who have been so generous with their disc support.  On top of that and just recently, Xdisc incredibly made a financial donation to the FPA


Bill Wright for all he always does.  I get to see how much he and wrightlife.com does for our sport, now perhaps more than ever!


Jakub Kostel for doing all he does at ultimo.cz – our eyes, ears and store in Europe.


Jake Gauthier and Randy Silvey with frisbeeguru.com and all its training, live streaming and podcasts, bringing our sport’s history alive!


Skippy (with support from Larry) doing a cool historical project that should be posted in the near future.


Pablo Azul for his disc paintings donated to the FPA…be on the lookout for these in the future!


Ayal Benin and Oren Meron (FPAW 2020 -> 2021) and Ben Edelmann and Benedicte Audet (FPAW 2021 -> 2022) for having the flexibility and generosity to put off their respective events and still stay on board to host these events when it is safe for all of us to get together.


To all of you reading this, thank you for being a part of the best sport in the world, one that changed my life.  For those with means, maybe donate to the FPA at paypal@freestyledisc.org?  We are a small sport and every dollar counts.  For those with time, maybe donate that!


Paul Kenny