Details are becoming better known and continue to be somewhat fluid regarding the GAISF World Urban Games (WUG) Mixed Pairs Freestyle competition. It will take place in Los Angeles, September 19-22 (three weekends before the FPAW in Seattle, Oct.10-13). The FPA Board is working with Skippy, who is the WFDF Freestyle Committee Chair and the contact with the WFDF Executive Committee, to obtain answers to our questions and help organize the Freestyle portion of the WUG.

Please note: the following information is what we know now, but some details and arrangements are subject to change. Please read all of this message.

12 Mixed Pairs Teams will compete – Two teams from Italy, two from Germany, two from the United States and 6 other teams, one each from 6 other countries. The tournament organizers who invited us to be there have emphasized a priority for selecting youthful teams to the extent possible. The FPA Board will select teams and substitutes (as discussed below), balancing youthfulness with recent tournament success.

Roundtrip Airfare to Los Angeles, ground transportation, lodging, and meals for all of the competitors and staff will be paid by the tournament organizers. However, One important question we are still looking into is the ability to fly back home from Seattle after FPAW. Unfortunately, this will be unknown for some time.

Both members of each mixed pairs team must be from the same country.

There will be a process for identifying back-up/substitute teams/players that can step in and compete for their country, if one of the primary team/players has to back out (due to injury, illness, personal issues, etc.). Back-up teams/players must be ready to travel and compete, if called upon to do so.

The organizers have an anti-doping policy. We have been told that random testing of the competitors will take place.


If you and your partner are interested in representing your country at the WUG in Los Angeles in September, please send a note to Include the names and email addresses of both of the people on your team, and your interest and availability. Please send the email by March 11. Even if you have previously expressed interest, please do so again. Team and substitute selection will be made by March 25.


There may be several other high profile opportunities to show off our sport to the world. WFDF is communicating with the event organizers to check on the viability of having Freestyle attend these events. We are still checking on funding to support participation. Click on the links in blue for more information. If you have interest in these, email as well.

African Beach Games – taking place June 13-17, 2019 in Cape Verde

All-African Ultimate tournament is happening June 14-17, 2019 (that same weekend), in Johannesburg, South Africa, and they would like to have jammers there too, doing demos.

TAFISA World Sport for All Games will take place June 14-23, 2020 in Lisbon, Portugal. WFDF is a TAFISA member, and they are hoping to send 10 disc athletes, including some jammers.

Wonderful opportunities abound for freestyle and this is just the beginning!