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Upcoming Events

EFO 2020 – Trnava Frisbee Games

European Freestyle Disc Open 2020 part of a third edition of Trnava Frisbee Games. Same setup as for FPAW2018 – everything at one place, affordable accommodation options, aquapark and more 🙂   Trnava Frisbee Games will also host a big Ultimate tournament with 20 best clubs from Eastern European region (open and women divisions). The […]

Sandslash 2020

SANDSLASH IS COMING BACK !! Well rested after a break, we raise our sails and once again set course for Dębki. Together, we will write a new chapter – Sandslash 2020. We plan to share with you the best of Sandslash as you’ve known it so far, as well as a shipload of new ideas […]