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Upcoming Events

The Jammers 2017 – 20th edition!

It is recommended to come early rather than stay late as the tides are better on the front end of the event.   For more information follow The Jammers facebook page.

123-4 Season HAT Tournament – Spring 2017

BERLIN JAMMERS invites you to the most turbo, shredful and fun tournament of all! The Spring HAT will be played in traditional 123mode pairs. In case of lots of jammers we┬┤ll switch to coop. Results and Beer afterwards at the Hobel Bar. Follow the Facebook event page for more details and news.

Disc Days Cologne 2017

The Disc Days Cologne is a traditional Ultimate tournament which we would like to join with some freestyle action this year. The venues encompass a large and very nice green in front of the soccer stadium and a track and field stadium (we can also camp there) – a pool is very close. We plan […]