Viking Jam 2024

There will be a hat tournament on Saturday. Heinsfjord Island, Oslo, Norway

FPAW 2024 – Warsaw

DATE Date of the event is fixed and confirmed 100%. The event will take place from 14th (Wednesday) to 18th (Sunday) August 2024. From Wednesday morning to Saturday evening we will have tournament – with all finals played on Saturday. On Sunday we plan “free jams” day and big frisbee event altoghether. You can book […]

Sandslash 2024

Traditional beach & party event in Debki – on the wild north shores of Poland…The tournament itself usually takes place on one day, the rest is jamtime 🙂

Summit & Sea 2024

Chilled out jam event in Novara, Italy hosted by Fabio Sanna and his family.

Coppa Citá di Milano 2024

Freestyle and overall event hosted by Francesco Santolin at the fields next to the legendary Frisbee Temple in Milan.

Anzio Jam 11

Traditional event hosted by Tom Leitner & the Capacotta jammers on the beaches of Anzio, near Rome. The date is tentative.

Freestyle World Map

This map includes places all over the world where frisbee freestylers meet to jam.