• Zuzana
  • Malá
  • Zuza
  • Czech Republic
  • Prague,Czech Republic
  • Prague, Czech Republic
  • Student: Universitas Carolina.1)Faculty of Education 2) Faculty of Humanities
  • 2008
  • Career Highlights

    Semifinals on 2009 World Championship in Women and Mixed pairs.

  • How I Started

    When my friends were beginning I was just like “WOW,that is so cool”so sometimes I came to jamand after some time boys started to learn me and I became the first girl in Czech republic playing freestyle frisbee.

Player Details

  • Mentors

    Czech players-mainly Pavel Baranyk, Jan Mahony Zahradníček, George Weiss and Tom Leitner. Recently also Randy Silvey,Dan Yarnell,Larry Imperiale,Todd Brodeur. Thanks to you all!!!

  • Other Fun

    Can’t live without dance.