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  • Willi
  • Williams
  • Willi (Willeye)
  • United States
  • Memphis, Tennessee
  • Memphis, TN, US
  • Golf Course Tech
  • 1979
  • Player Bio

    I cannot brag on myself as much as I can the players that I have met over the years. Beginning with Darrell Lynn, my mentor. This man totally changed my life for he better. At one point in the early 80’s I know we would be in the park 30-40 hrs a week working on every aspect of the sport. Then there is Gary Edge, my partner and long time jammin bro for the last 25 years who still manages to crank out some killer Z’s with either hand. My birthday Bro 11/11 Crazy John, who has called me from all over the world no mater what time to wish me a happy B-Day. Jammin with Jim Benson (Schmall) on Beal St untill our knees were bleeding. Leaving here in the dead of winter and being able to jam at the Cove with 5 or 6 world champs on a Friday afternoon.More great Jams, Hull Mass, with my bros Steve and Ryan Vinoski, along with Pops, Toddy Alan and the gang. The Beach at Daytona with Buddy, Billy, Debbie, TJ, and Hos. And also a jam that will make you hurt just trying to change lanes on the trip back is the Mardi Gra jam in Baton Rouge with Deaton and Pat. The people you will meet will leave a lasting impression and a smile that will go all the way up to your eyes. Thank you all for being a very special part of my life.

  • Career Highlights

    Christmas shopping with Crazy John here in Memphis back in 84

  • How I Started

    After playing catch for several years with my bros Dale and Ocean, we met Darrell Lynn in 78 who taught us the delay, an event that changed my life.

Player Details

  • Favorite Moves

    Tripple Flying Gitus would be my fav, but at 47 I am happy with a double.

  • Mentors

    Darrell Lynn

  • Partners

    Darrell Lynn, Gary Edge, David Kessler, Ron King, Rick Downs, Joel, Hos,Getty, and Deaton.

  • Other Fun

    4 hours of footbag net every Sunday year round, and a little Stick Golf on Saturdays

Tournament History

2003 Tennessee States Overall ChampionshipsOpen FormatFinals1
2000 TN StatesOpen FormatFinals1
1997 Tennessee StatesOpen PairsFinals1
2001 Tennessee State Overall Disc ChampionshipsOpen FormatFinals2
1995 Tennessee StatesOpen FormatFinals2
1994 Tennesse StatesOpen PairsFinals2
2002 FPA World ChampionshipsOpen PairsPreliminaries5
1994 Tennesse StatesOpen PairsPreliminaries1