• Takashi
  • Terada
  • Takashi
  • Japan
  • Tokyo
  • Tokyo, Japan
  • Computer graphics
  • 2003
  • Player Bio

    I hold freestyle frisbee party in tokyo japan.ofcause there are Djs, good sound, good people.I play every sunday at yoyogi park.If you have a plan to tokyo, please mail me.I can take you to japanese freestylers and some good nightclubs or etc…maybe you can enjoy tokyo life.

    When I went to Denmerk, I met Jan who is Dansk Freestyler!He is Nice guy.Im looking foward to meet him at Berlin.

    Julien, Kai, 6co, David of SPINCOLLECTIF member came to Japan!!It was so exciting things.
    We played Street style in Tokyo.
    we keep to create new tricks on street.
    Fotos by Fran├žois SEBASTIAO SALVADO

    Nico came to Japan last year!!We had a nice memory eachother.Maybe We will meet at Berlin on this summer!

    This video was shoot in rain and thunder!!
    It was so difficult to play freestyle, but It was so fun!!

  • How I Started

    when I went to Rock festival in japan, there were the guy who is spinning disk on finger!!It was most impressive things in the Rock festival.and next day I started to play freestyle.

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  • Partners

    I’ve never play at competision.
    But I have jamed with Jan sorensen,Nico,Julien,6co,David,Kai.
    They are very kinds and nice people!

  • Other Fun

    street frisbee, motorcycle(kawasaki elliminator 900),art,drawing,music(all of clubmusic, modern music, 60’s, underground sound of japan,hardcore,or everything),clubing, movies, cycling…