• Pierric
  • Chardon
  • Rico
  • France
  • nogent, france
  • Vincennes, Paris, France
  • Graphist
  • 1995
  • Player Bio

    Keep the disc spinning…
    keep the freestyle turning…
    have fun…

    … and watch www.spincollectif.com

  • How I Started

    I started playing in Vincennes wood with friends and I improved my freestyle playing when we saw Tom Leitner for the first time at the Invalides in Paris …

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Player Details

  • Favorite Moves

    Foot shoots, grinds and many stuff we do in street disc

  • Mentors

    my partners from the Spinco (Kai, Juju, 6co, C-real and David)
    and all the guys i see playing good

  • Partners

    Spincollectif crew : Kai, Juju, 6co, C-real and David
    and big respect to the guys of the Invalides (Paris)

  • Media & Appearances

    In all our websites videos (Net Video Magazine) and photos, also national TV (Arte, Canal+ and La Cinq) Underground press magazine (Com Unity, Pornawak, Clarks…)

  • Other Fun

    Skateboard, Snowboard, graphism, making videos