• Peter
  • Hamilton
  • Stormin Mormon
  • Belgium
  • Los Angeles, California, USA
  • Brussels, Belgium
  • High School
  • 2000
  • Player Bio

    I have been playing Ultimate since i was 12 (i am 17 now) and I soon came to enjoy Freestyle. I have yet to compete, mostly because I’m more interested in just jamming (beach, school, airport (see profile pic), etc) I’m hoping to get around to competing but for now I’m satisfied just tweakin some Zs on a disc and messin around.

  • Career Highlights

    Have yet to compete

  • How I Started

    My older brother started a team at our local High School in California. I began playing Ultimate with him and his team. I began carrying a disc with me wherever I went and pretty soon i was half decent at freestyle.

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  • Mentors

    My older brother