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Total Events Non-Major Wins
8 3
  • Peter
  • Bowie
  • peter.bowie@bigpond.com
  • New Zealand (Aotearoa)
  • Gold Coast Australia
  • Player Bio

    Peter first came on the scene in the mid 80’s and eventually went on to become the first international player to win a major overall title (Ft. Collins WFDF 1987). That helped inspire his future freestyle career. He is very limber, creative and driven to perfection. The common expression one has when watching him play is stunned silence as he has moves no one else could even dream of doing. ‘A trademark move is his upside down gitis pull.

Tournament History

1997 FPA World ChampionshipsCo-opFinals5
1992 US OpenCo-opFinals6
1990 FPA World ChampionshipsOpen PairsFinals6
1987 WFDF World ChampionshipsOpen PairsFinals6
1987 U.S. OpenCo-opFinals4
1997 FPA World ChampionshipsOpen PairsSemi-Finals6