• Naïm
  • Megassabi
  • stoemperd@hotmail.com
  • 39
  • Belgium
  • Gent
  • 03/17/1982
  • 2011
  • How I Started

    Was very intrigued by flying discs, messed around in parks with a few friends and over the years started to really enjoy throw/catch, until on a fine day a good friend I used to play with a lot pulled off a delay on my throw… I was flabbergasted and demanded an explanation! He grinned and told me saw a short clip, with Dave Lewis I think it was, explaining how to delay and he’d been at it secretly until he kind of got the hang of it. With the intent purpose of slacking some jaws of course! I don’t need to tell you I wasn’t going to let it slide… Fast forward to the following spring, 2011, when I met Pepijn. He also caught wind of freestyle somewhere and was trying to figure out the nail delay. We both had some time on our hands so we started to play together, got us a few sky-stylers, some nails and we were off! The virus caught quickly despite the gruesome lack of jammers in our tiny country… Even though we always take our time to explain and involve new people, all the while playing in few very visible spots, it’s been hard to spread the jam. Luckily, we managed to infect Steffen with the bug. His learning curve is very inspiring and his motivation is second to none ???? I think it’s fair to say I’m hooked for life!