• Mike
  • Ocon
  • Mike
  • Netherlands
  • New York, Long Island
  • Utrecht, Netherlands
  • Education , La Verne College
  • http://web.mac.com/disctivity
  • 1965
  • Player Bio

    I think the excersize with a number of people is a good thing for playing with a disc. If it were done with advanced players it would be a real pleasure to watch.

  • Career Highlights

    DG: 1985 Helsingborg, Sverige 86 place Open ; 1991 WFDF Santa Cruz, 2nd round Accuracy; 2001 EC Oslo, Grandmaster Champ; 2005 DG WorldsAllentown, PA , 55th place Grandmasters Freestyle: I was in the gallery in the FPA worlds in Zaandvoort 2007 3 of

  • How I Started

    in Northside Park in Azusa there were recreation leaders, Mr Copenhaver and Kathy Roberts, who motivated us.

Player Details

  • Favorite Moves

    behind the back-catch, airbrushing, practicing whatever comes to my mind

  • Mentors

    Larry Leitner, Douglas Scott ‘Bill’ Cash†, Jay Brands, Kyle Burke, Con Cummings, Gregory Lo-a-sjoe, Ed Booms, Jip Vogel, Paul Bezooiyen, Jan Luijks, Mario Gevers, Henry Verhoeven

  • Partners

    Kyle in Eugene, Berend in IJsselstein

  • Media & Appearances

    TV Utrecht playing disgolf, MTA and Accuracy

  • Sponsors

    Disctivity Center

  • Other Fun

    Baseball, Family , cooking