• Linda
  • West
  • linda.peter.sf@gmail.com
  • 353
  • United States
  • San Francisco
  • 12/12/1947
  • Retired
  • 1977
  • Player Bio

    I no longer play due to 2 cervical spine surgeries. I still love to watch freestyle. I competed in 2 tournaments in 1979 with my partner, Robin Melanson. I didn’t enjoy competition & much preferred just jamming with other players.

  • How I Started

    Saw some freestyle players in the park near my apartment & asked to join in to play & learn. The first tournament I ever went to was Indian Summer ‘77.

Player Details

  • Favorite Moves

    Gitis, blind catches, rolls

  • Mentors

    Maryann Bowman, Mark Regalbuti, JJ, Robin Melanson, Jenny Lucier, Kevin Aiello, Tony Zweig, Tom Kennedy, G Rose, John Lasley, John O’Malley, Chipper Bro, may others.

  • Partners

    Robin Melanson, jammed with Maryann Bowman, Jenny Lucier, all the San Francisco freestyle players from 1977-1993.