• Korhan
  • Topaloğlu
  • F.Boy
  • Turkey
  • İzmir, Turkey
  • 04/17/1979
  • Web Designer
  • www.facebook.com/korhan.topaloglu.23
  • 2010
  • Player Bio

    Frisbee is my passion, lifestyle and meditation. I learned freestyle from youtube. Since 2010 I am the one who interest with freestyle frisbee in Turkey. Since 2013 I organize some Frisbee events in İzmir to spread my Frisbee Love in Turkey and find some people to jam.
    I am admin of “Freestyle Frisbee Turkey” fb group and founder of “Freestyle Frisbee Izmir Collective (FFIC.)” (see. www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=ultimate%20frisbee%20izmir)
    I am admin of “Ultimate Frisbee Izmir” fb group (see. www.facebook.com/groups/ultimateizmir/)
    I am founder of BULA Recommended Flovers Hat Beach Ultimate Hat Tournament (see. flovershat.org, ultimatecentral.com/de_de/e/flovers-hat-2017-beach-ultimate-frisbee-tournament)
    I am the owner of frisbee brand DIEGO23 (see. diego23.com)

  • How I Started

    I saw two college ultimate players in Turkey in a Holiday Village throwing disc in 1998. I didn’t forget this and in 2008 I ordered some different discs include freestyle to my sister when she was in USA. After she brings discs, I watch some videos on youtube and started to play freestyle solo against wind. I searched on Internet and met with some Ultimate Frisbee Groups and Teams in Turkey (Izmir, Ankara and Istanbul). There was no team in my hometown Izmir so I decided to to organize some events here and we have now two Ultimate teams in İzmir. And since two years I organize an International Beach Ultimate Hat Tournament in Izmir named Flovers Hat (http://flovershat.org). Now I am looking forward to setting up my budget and going to a Freestyle Frisbee Tournament (Paganello maybe) and meeting some pro players.

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  • Favorite Moves

    turns, twirls, gitis & scarecrow catch

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  • Sponsors

    I have my own frisbee brand DIEGO23 (diego23.com) found in Izmir. And I sponsor my events and myself with my own brand :/

  • Other Fun

    ultimate, ddc, disc golf
    music (song writing and producing)
    design (web & graphic)