• Kevin
  • Fuller
  • kdfuller141@gmail.com
  • 184
  • United States
  • Northwest of Boston, MA
  • Long ago
  • 1974
  • Player Bio

    Played seriously, competing in nearly every disc event (never did guts) in the late ’70s to mid-’80s. Blew my knee out playing ultimate and ended up stopping any disc play in ’85. Virtually didn’t touch a disc until 2011, when I started playing again. My freestyle is in bad shape (as am I).

  • Career Highlights

    Best competitive result was a New England regional event. You had to qualify in one of the six state tournaments, so it was supposedly the best in New England. Tournament included distance, accuracy, MTA, golf, and DDC in addition to freestyle. Came in 4th overall. Freestyle results were probably lower, but don’t really remember.

  • How I Started

    Got into it with a friend. Saw a couple articles and tried to copy what they described for throws, catches. Learned more freestyle once I got to college.

Player Details

  • Mentors

    Daryl Elliott and Dan Habeeb from Reading, MA and UMass.