• Julien
  • Ménetrat
  • ju
  • France
  • Paris, France
  • Paris, France
  • graphist
  • http://www.spincollectif.com
  • 1995
  • Player Bio

    flying disc as never been more impressive than with video.
    If you want to see photos (really worked, not just shoted at the beach), Spin Collectif members’ profile & our Net Video Magazines (which is the first, unique and best) about street style disc


    photos © 6co / SpinCollectif

  • Career Highlights

    Spin collectif’s videos

  • How I Started

    As anybody, I start playing in large green areas for fun. That was before the “disque de rue”, before anyone hit a rail or a big gap before freestyling. Street is the future of flying disc.

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  • Favorite Moves

    any new I learn, right now it’s turning the disc upside down & more.

  • Mentors

    Any of my Spin Co partners [ricostar, granola, céréal, georges & davidou], some players I see (they know)

  • Partners

    Spin Collectif members : 6co, Rico, Kaï, C.real, David,

    & the French Freestyle Resistance : Michael, Julien, David, Mouss, Eric…

  • Media & Appearances

    TRACKS – ARTE (fr&de)
    CULT – France5(fr)
    Barrio 19 – MTV

  • Other Fun

    Photoshop, bike, skate, snowboard, minidisc…