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  • John
  • Anthony
  • Jay Eh
  • Canada
  • Vancouver, BC
  • Nanaimo, BC, Canada
  • lawyer/artist
  • 1973
  • Player Bio

    All gestures here are necessarily equivocal. I met up with Joey and Robert Fried a few years ago at Robert’s apt to watch the 77 or 78 semis from the Rose Bowl. Nearly everything I saw in the JA/JB/Dr. King routine is never to be repeated. I believe I pulled off 2 arbitraries, one ending with a leftie flip onto Jimmy’s padiddling finger and later into the seal whence we carried JB off the field doing a padiddle seal to end the routine to stunned silence. Later I had sex with the swollen member of a…I better stop.

  • Career Highlights

    2nd at Santa Cruz Worlds about 1978 with JJ, 7th at Rose Bowl 1976, 1977. 2nd at US Open Rochester 1976, 1977

  • How I Started

    throwing a Pro at Kits beach

Player Details

  • Favorite Moves

    Arbitrary…third world type roll, touch of class…hand roll, kick brush sequences

  • Mentors

    Ken Westerfield, Kerry Kollmar, Mountain, Krae, Dr. King, Mr. James Brown

  • Partners

    KRAE, DR. KING AND MR. JAMES BROWN, Kerry Kollmar, John Jewell, Carl Baker, JP, Clarence Braithwaite, Joey, John Kirkland and others

  • Media & Appearances

    Too many to specify. CBS Sports Spectacular Frisbee special

  • Other Fun


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