• Gerry
  • Geare
  • gerry_geare@yahoo.com
  • United States
  • on the beach in Santa Barbara
  • 03/20/1959
  • Cartographer
  • www.safetymap.com
  • 1974
  • Player Bio

    I have my own business called Safety Map – creating evacuation maps for schools, hotels and business’. Been married to JammerGirl many many years now ( another lucky frisbee marriage) and we have a son in college. I love to jam on the beach and play 3 or 4 times/week.
    I am an artist and entrepreneur and have several side business’ that I work on.

  • Career Highlights

    I played in the series tournaments and always freestyled – I think my first “finish” was a 3rd in San Diego with Steve McLean in 1978. We were all overall players then and I ended up specializing in DDC. Long dry spell for getting in any freestyle finals until I was able to play with the now famous Chip Bell and my roommate Rick Rivett, at the 1982 oak grove open. We finished 2nd behind Joey Hudoklin and Dave Zeff. Now….. a really long dry spell until I place 4th in the 2014 Austin tourney with Mike and Johnny from Seattle and then a 3rd with Lori Daniels and Carl Dobson at the 2015 AFC. My most recent tourney finish was 8th place with Dan Yarnell at the 2016 WFDF in Santa Cruz.

  • How I Started

    In 1974 I started a frisbee club as a sophmore at Arcadia high School and we learned Ultimate using a Master frisbee. Tom Cleworth( a competitor already, from upper Michigan Guts territory) taught us the game and we would play other High Schools. Stork showed up along with Irv Kalb and started our club team- Foothill Institute of Frisbee Culture. These two were the freestyle champions of that time. They would both play trick catch and speedflow before any of us knew about nail delay. So much of my early “game” was trying to copy storks catches.

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  • Favorite Moves

    I love Yogi’s and high jumping Phlauds. I’m not far from catching my scarecrow more often. All of my favorite moves have to do with playing with a small disc (whamo 100 mold) in the wind on the beach. Slides, Rides and Guides! Anyone who has played with me knows I’m kinda backwards and love to have my back to the wind doing backwards moves and brushes ????

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  • Partners

    Steve McLean, Nobuya Kobuyashi, Chip Bell, Rick Rivett, Paige Anderson, Jim(Gus) Emerson, Marie Geare, Mike Galloup, Johnny Trevino, Lori Daniels, Carl Dobson, Dan Yarnell, Jay Hinkle, Charles Logan, Mike Esterbrook, Rick Moody, John Titcomb, Harvey Brandt

  • Media & Appearances

    Wide World of Sports – the Rose Bowl film from 1978