• Francesco
  • Santolin
  • burba199@hotmail.it
  • Italy
  • Milano
  • 17/10/1990
  • www.facebook.com/PlayingFieldBarona/
  • 2010
  • Player Bio

    Started playing with some friends in my home hometown Vicenza, then partecipate to some tournaments without competing till the guys from Udine and Trieste pushed me to raise my level. In 2016 i Quit my job and left my hometown to have a european trip and partecipating to many tournaments. From the last Summer i have been working in Milano at the frisbee Temple beside Valentino De Chiara and the current mission is to give back what i learned from him. We are opening a museum (he is the first italian player back in 1972) and continue his job here to promote frisbee, boomerang and sports in general..

  • Career Highlights

    Won my first tournament in Bibione with Eleonora
    Won this year Lazzaroni team battle and paganello team battle (thanks to my teams)
    Had the spirit of the game in Sandslash 2016

  • How I Started

    Casually went to Paganello 2010

Player Details

  • Favorite Moves

    Change the spin brush
    Brush turnover
    Around the world Kick
    Monster tip
    Behind the leg catch
    Badalamenti attitude brush
    Figure 4 brush
    Btb brush

  • Mentors

    Federico Bon
    Fabio Sanna
    Emmanuele Faustini
    Valentino De Chiara
    Antonio Piccio Cusma

  • Other Fun

    I built a bed and a small kitchen in my car (Fiat doblò 2002) and currently that’s my house and the Way i can go to tournaments around..

    A world Champion few years ago told me i was not a real freestyle player.. At first i was offended by that but from the day after this gave me the best motivation to show him he was wrong