• Denis
  • Migunov
  • Denis Migunov
  • Russian Federation
  • Russia
  • Dzerzinsk, Russia
  • Advertising agent
  • freestyle since 2003
  • Player Bio

    Denis is always very fun to watch, even when he fails a trick or two. His movement is very interesting and he can fire up a crowd while performing even the easiest tricks. And of course his gnarly tooth guide always knock’s em down

  • How I Started

    First time I saw freestyle was in Nizny Novgorod, where a couple of Russian guys did some delay and roll work, than I found some more stuff on the net

Player Details

  • Favorite Moves

    Tooth guide

  • Mentors

    Murf, Dave Lewis in the Nike freestyle ad

  • Partners

    Sergey Paskov, Andrey Asselborn, Artem Kocheshkov, Alexandrov Alexandrov, Yuri Rovda

  • Other Fun

    Ultimate and other disc cports – Guts, DDC, fulubber Guts.