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  • Dan
  • Burke
  • bzurke
  • United States
  • chicago, ILLinois, USA
  • Elgin, IL, US
  • food service/psychology
  • playing 1978, competing 2005
  • Player Bio

    I am passionate about jamming, i think freestyle is the coolest artform/sport out there. the beauty of dance, creativity and the mastering of the human body in cooperation with both an object that flies and another person is exhilarating. I take only clock spin, but am ready to expand that. can do counter rim work. like to play fast and flow. good execution & flow after 25 years practice. lacking advanced moves but Charles is giving me some tips, and i am looking forward to advancing further this year. my clock throw is better than my counter, and i do better with a little distance.

  • Career Highlights

    3 competions for the first time in 2005. learned a lot and have improved quite a bit since last year. been playing all winter in the gym.

  • How I Started

    saw tourny in chicago late 70’s and was fired up

Player Details

  • Mentors

    Charles Richards has ben drilling me lately

  • Other Fun

    scuba, travel, experimental music, graphic design, painting, kites, landscaping/gardening, skydiving

Tournament History

2006 Wisconsin StatesMasters OpenFinals1
2005 Santa Cruz Beach ClassicOpen PairsFinals9
1985 Ft. CollinsCo-opFinals3