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  • Charlene
  • Powell
  • Char
  • 81
  • United States
  • Seattle, WA
  • Movement Researcher, Educator
  • 1979
  • Player Bio

    I love the jam, the wind, my partners, mentors, the Jamily.

  • Career Highlights

    Rose Bowl, my first and the last. Drop-less Open Pairs in Palm Park, a very deep pool, just happy to get to the next round. Traveling to Italy and winning 2012 World Championship Mixed Pairs with Mike Galloupe did not suck. Partnering with Mehrdad and Ilka in Worlds in NYC 2016, re-inspiring me. The chance to partner with jammers I respect, admire, and love and get to play with the greatest in the world! I’ve got lots of trophies in life, but nothing compares to the jams that hit the highest heights, go off the charts, unforgettable but never recorded. Great highlights still to come. Whatever happens next…

  • How I Started

    When I was a kid, my sister Liz gave me a 141 g lid and showed me how to delay. She took me to Washington Square Park to watch the players, who I would soon discover were the Washington Square Wizards. After I watched Joey Hudoklin, Richie Smits, Don Rhodes, Roger Meier, Rob Fried, Chris Ryan, Brad Keller, etc…play, I began practicing moves every day after school by myself, in the storage area of my basement. I eventually got the nerve to go out and throw, and traveled to tournaments during my teen years with players from NYC and California. I wandered off the path for a decade, studied martial arts into college and business, got into Yoga and Pilates, moved to Seattle, met Randy Silvey and Steve Hayes, played for a few months, and due to crazy glue allergies quit again for another two decades. Long story, I have been back since FPAW 2010 and now “jam until I die”.

Player Details

  • Favorite Moves

    Favorite moves are instinctual ones whatever works and flows in real time. There’s brilliance in simplicity, but I also enjoy technical complexity which does not compromise aesthetic. Moves that vibe co-operatively are paramount. When I seal a Spinning Triple Fake precisely or hit a Spinning Back Kick cleanly or take U.D Indigenous Pull off the throw smoothly, or maybe one perfect cuff to my coop partner, I am happy. I value both center and angles, like varied environments, but it’s the mind that raises the level of play. Highest quality move always comes down to the mental connection, heart and shared passion between myself and the jammers I am playing with.

  • Mentors

    Everyone teaches me something…but given excellent motivation and guidance from WSP Wizards. Seattle jammers & Pacific NW. Frisbee Gurus, El Presidente, Lightning, & of course…the hein of Berlin. (For technicals, philosophy, competition logistics, party skills…all the precious intangibles -Thanks to all my teachers!)

  • Partners

    Elizabeth Powell-Gorai, Bronwyn Ryan, Kate Dow, Ann Zemitis, Suzanne Straight, Roger Meier, Robert Fried, Mark Regelbuti, Emma Kahle, Jason Salkey, Michael Galloupe, Steven the Beast Hays, Lori Daniels, Irena Kulisanova, Mary Lowry, Dan Yarnell, Ilka Simon, Toby Kunzel, Robert Dittrich, Graf Mördi Soheinian, Sascha Höhne, Yuval Rei Koren, Julianna Korver, Sophie Rickers, Balu Major, Elena Delmasso, Andrea Rimitori…

  • Media & Appearances

    Festival Demos (I can’t remember), and too many Seattle Hemp-Fests.

  • Other Fun

    Share with me your dreams and your ideas of good music, good humor, good feeling, good food and good drink. That is what the rest of the time is about!

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