• Artem
  • Kocheshkov
  • Artem Kocheshkov
  • Russian Federation
  • Arzamas, Russia
  • Arzamas, Russia
  • started in 2004
  • Player Bio

    Artem hasnt played for too long, but he has a repertoire of flashy moves which please the crowd. He doesnt panic during media exposure and shows his best in front of any camera.
    Always willing to jam and learn new cool moves. Go go go!

  • Career Highlights

    Got first place in a “Want to freestyle” nomination for freestyle newbies on the Moscow Flying Disc Festival, 2006

  • How I Started

    Soon to come

Player Details

  • Favorite Moves

    Leg-restricted foot tip, tooth-guide

  • Mentors

    Denis Migunov (another Russian freestyler), Yuri Rovda

  • Media & Appearances

    Al Dhazira TV and Stolitsa Channel, together with Alex Alexandrov

  • Other Fun