• Amit
  • Peled
  • John Daley
  • Israel
  • Kfar Saba, Israel
  • Ra'anana, Israel
  • Student
  • 2004
  • Player Bio

    I like freestyle.
    I went to FPA Worlds 2004 and had the best time with the best playerz!!!

  • Career Highlights

    Winning Intermidiate Division in FPA ’04

  • How I Started

    When i started my eigth grade we had to pick a 2 hour a week lesson out of alot of fun lessons.
    when i first saw the frisbee i was amazed of what they do there(it was only throw & catch then) and since then i’m hooked.

Player Details

  • Favorite Moves

    Lots of tricky combinations:-)

  • Mentors

    Barak Lifshitz,Arnon Avitzur,Dori Yaniv,Dave Murphy,Dave Lewis,Arthur Coddington,Larry Imperiale,Lisa Hunrichs Silvey,Mary Lowry,Toddy Brodeur,Jamie Chantiles and alot alot more:-)

  • Partners

    None yet.

  • Sponsors

    Not yet.hope to get some:-)

  • Other Fun

    Snowboarding,Inline-Skating and Movies