• Alessandro
  • Tamassia
  • TAMA
  • #301
  • Italy
  • Rovereto
  • 08/17/1996
  • Student
  • 2018
  • Career Highlights

    → 2° FRISBEAT 2020 (Vicenza) – Marco Pavanello

    → 3° SAN VALENTINO TOURNAMENT 2022 (Milano) – Andrea Festi

Player Details

  • Mentors

    My teammates:
    *Edoardo Turri – Andrea Festi – Mattia Colombari*
    They are the people who showed me and welcomed me in this wonderful discipline, the ones who just need a whistle and throw me a disc. Most of everything I know about freestyle is because they taught me it. I believe in their potential and I hope to be able to do everything to improve it.

    *Fabio Sanna*: One of the deepest people I have known so far. He gave me so much to look inside myself and advice to make my play more solid. Certainly on the podium of the masters of flow state.
    I collaborated with him for the writing of my university thesis entitled “approach to the teaching of freestyle frisbee in the developmental age”.

    *Johnny Dwork*: A friend overseas I met online with whom I had the opportunity to make video calls to learn in a unique and specific way, the skill of center twirling (what my generation calls “padiddle”). His devotion and his passion make him unique. I sincerely hope to be able to meet him in person sooner or later, it would be amazing!

    *Frederic “Freddy” Finner*: A special guy, friend, companion in adventures and jams, polite, wonderful person who releases positive energy with whom I was able to discuss the movements of the players during the jam, he knows how to stay in the right place at the right time (in and out of the jam). He has so much to teach and so much to win!

  • Media & Appearances


    FRISBEAT 2020