Israeli Hat tournament Kova#8 – special turbo shred edition!


In the spirit of innovation and fun (and also due to a small number of players … ) we had today the first ever turbo shred tournament in Israel. The rules were simple – jam. The better you made the jam, the higher your score 


After a couple of semifinals containing a mob-op of 5 people each, the best 2 made the finals. In the finals, we had a 4 person jam with Ayal BeninOfir AlmogYarden Borkow (who co-organized the event with Tomer Kopf Adar) and me. Here are the results:


1. Ayal Benin

2. Dan Lustiger

3. Ofir Almog

4. Yarden Borkow

Spirit Award winner (and co-organizer) : Tomer Kopf Adar

Steady Hand Award winner: Meirav Pinhas



Big thanks to all the participants: Meirav Pinhas, Amir Avdi Tzedeck, Yarden GhefterRonny CoolerTomer Kopf AdarDaniel ShrikiYarden BorkowAyal Benin and Ofir Almog!

Thanks for helping us keep the jam scene alive and participating in our events!

Congratulations to Ayal for winning the first ever turbo shred in Israel!

Think you can beat him? Think you’re the ultimate turbo-jammer? Come visit us again in Tel Aviv any time. Some of you, I’m sure, don’t need much convincing 


Tournament directors: Tomer Adar & Yarden Borkow


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