WFDF WOC 2015! Freestyle in Pairs format for Open and Women divisions.
July 18-25 2015
Norrköping, Sweden

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I really want to invite all jammers to this event. The tournament will be a fantastic Frisbee/Disc happening, I can assure. The organizing club in Norrköping together with the Swedish Frisbeesport Federation did an amazing job in 2013 when the last WFDF WOC was held at the same location, and now I am sure they will even do a better job (if possible).
Freestyle will be played in Pairs format, in Open and Women divisions.
Perfect grass conditions and Indoor back-up if needed.
Why not take the opportunity to also play some of the other disc events as well?
Distance, Disc-golf, Accuracy, Double Disc Court, Self Caught Flights or Discathon!
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the event. You can send your query via the website, Facebook-site, or email using the email addresses copied to this message.
WELCOME to Sweden, Norrköping and the 2015 WFDF WOC!
Spin on,
/Stefan Karlsson



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