Greetings Jam World: ON the weekend of April 14 and 15th, the 31st Annual Virginia States Overall Frisbee Championship took place at Fredericksburg, VA. As always, the welcome from the locals was awesome. Tournament Director Eric Olson and the whole Lazlos gang once again made everyone in attendance feel right at home. Freestyle happened on Saturday night in the Fieldhouse, and a cold rainy windy Sunday pushed the finals inside as well. If you have never been to this tournament, or you have and haven’t been in a while, or if you were at this year’s event, you just gotta mark your calendar, and get yourself over to Fredericksburg VA on the second weekend of April (unless it’s Easter) to attend this wonderful gathering of the Frisbee Clan. There were many fine jams and shred sessions throughout the weekend, with all styles of play on display. Right side up, upside down, heavy Z’s, low Z’s, speed flow, angle changes, clock, counter – it was all very nice. The cream of the crop on this weekend was the team of Doug E. Fresh, Rob Fried and Randy Silvey. They did it all – quick catches, sharp precise individual moves, throw-touch-catch, flowing spontaneity, throw-touch-catch, another shredding move, and on. It was a joy to watch.


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