We had two beautiful, sunshine-filled days with puffy winds and 65-70 degree temperatures this past weekend at the 2003 Virginia State Overall Frisbee Championships in Fredericksburg. As always, there was an appreciative crowd of overall competitors and fans for the freestyle event, and they witnessed two rounds of fine freestyle action. A total of ten teams made up two pools of five for the 3 1/2 minute first round, then six teams put on a good show of five minute routines in the finals.

The top three teams all played very well. Lasher and Brandt jammed smooth and efficient, hitting all their stuff and executing well. Doug, Joe and Rob pulled out their signature brand of spontaneity, pulling off some excellent stuff while suffering from two lulls in their flow that kept them from reaching the top of the podium. Ted, Scott and Pipo were the cream of the crop in both rounds of competition. All three played smooth and consecutively, hitting their difficulty with ease. Ted set the stage for this threesome by pushing the button on his triple spinning flamingo on his first catch in the first round. And Scott and Pipo followed suit in their own ways. Really nice to watch.

Take care, and peace,

Rodney (Sanchez)


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