Well, the Fourth Biannual US Indoor Freestyle Championships have officially ended as I put Rob Fried on the airplane a few hours ago. In the interest of the list, I’ll be posting the results now, and then those who want the real stories can read about it later after enough haze leaves my brain to remember all the highlights.

This year the event moved gyms, to a nicer, more low key facility. The freestyle began at 4 pm and warm up jams continued until 7:15 when we cleared the floor for the players meeting. Pat Marron and Paul Smith from Minnesota and Rob Fried and Roger Meier from NYC were the top seeds and the other jammers agreed to put their names in a hat and go random draw. The outcome was that John O’Malley played with John Titcomb in a round that saw John Titcomb elevate his game to new levels and win the Jamco gitis award for a consec gitis pull combo into a gitis. O’Malley played free and it seemed as though he was able to conjour up the wind inside the gym at points for his brushing game. Jonathan played with Z and these guys looked like they had a plan things went so smoothly. Bob Boulware and Tommy L went out with a classic go for it attitude that saw their risk going off the scale, but had a hard time sealing the combos.

Rob Fried went off the scale during his round, Joey’s influence on his game is evident. Pure flow mixed with surprise and risk, I think he did drop one but I can’t remember how. Rob and Roger played the New YOrk flow game completely in character.
Last up was Paul Smith and Pat Marron. They opened with some high difficulty double disc work, and then evovled into their jam game mixing it up with nice flowing co ops. Even through some the’s and a couple drops, they kept going for it, winning both the Risk and Vibe categories and ultimately edging the New York boys by a tenth.

More important info: It snowed, heavier than you would like, but soft fun to ski on. Although tough, it is possible to have a moonlit hot spring adventure. Organic is always better than chemical with regard to beer and goob and milk and fungi. Plastic indoors is better than no plastic at all.

See everybody in 2005!


121.55Great to see this team spinning to win and playing hot.
221.38This team played together in 1979 and still has the vibe!

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