Last weekend was the 24th annual Wintertime Open. This tournament is mainly golf but it used to have a very strong Freestyle event as well.

With new grass in place (replacing the old gopher hole infested turf), tournament director Mark Horn was hoping to re-establish the Freestyle field. Unfortunately the word didn’t get out or the threat of rain kept people away.

Showing up at the field were Dave Lewis, Dave Murphy, Dan Roddick, Jamie Chantiles, Doug Korns, Rick Sader, Danny Evans and Cliff Towne.

The grass was brown for the Winter but VERY nice. The best field that Oak Grove has seen. It was flat, cut short and perfect for playing. The wind was pretty good and the rain stayed away.

Danny decided to video tape and Cliff decided not to compete so it only left the six of us to duke it out.

Three pairs playing 5 minutes – one round. Stork and Doug played first and played well but didn’t really have a routine. Jamie and Rick played next. They had a routine with some nice co-ops and both hit some great indys as well. A few to many drops left the door open for Dave and Dave. The Dave’s pulled the Arizona States routine off the shelf and hit enough big stuff to take the title.

The players split up and did a couple demos for the golfers after their round was done.

All in all a fun day and I would encourage the freestylers to put this tourney back on their schedules….the field is NICE!


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