A complete write-up on this first Paganello freestyle tournament with photos is on the link above. Here’s some history from Larry Imperiale as to how this event started:

In the summer of 1997, I was in the Czech Republic jamming and playing ultimate. The Prague team invited me come with them that week-end to a Beach Ultimate Tournament in Rostock, in the north of Germany on the Baltic sea. It was a mini-Paganello with about 400 players, even though I didn’t know what a Paganello was yet. At the end of a day of ultimate, they asked me to do a freestyle show. In my life of jamming I’ve never had a crowd reaction as enthusiastic as that. They loved it, and after a 3 minute dropless demo, I ended it so they didn’t get burned out on freestyle and maybe wanted to seem more in the future. At the end of a most awesome event, they said, “Larry, if you had fun here you must go to Paganello next year!” So I emailed Jumpi about doing a freestyle event there, and found out Clay and Reto had been doing demnos there from time to time, but there had never been a tournament. So it was on for the next year!

In April 1998 we had the first “Acrobatic Paganello” as they called it then. The rest is history as they say.


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