Israel’s Freestyle Frisbee Kova #6 (HAT) Tournament

The Israjammers’ 6th Kova (HAT) tournament: Fall edition at the park.   Official website (Hebrew): Facebook event page (Hebrew):   For any questions, contact tournament director Ayal Benin at

Lazzaroni 2018

Traditional pre-Christmass indoor tournament in Bologna, hosted by the Twister Hills crew.   The flight ticket are usually very cheap at this time and the turnout of Italian players is always big!   Don’t miss the last tournament of 2018!   For fresh updates visit event’s facebook page >>

In den Hallen 2019

In den Hallen – “In the Halls” is a traditional winter indoor tournament in Karlsruhe. You can expect our well-proven organization, a big crowd, hot parties, crazy games, media coverage and motivating workshops -> The best combination of #SpreadTheJam and #MostFunWins!   We’ll only play the Open Pairs Division so that we have a lot of time for […]

Frisbeer Cup 2019

13th edition of legendary Frisbeer Cup in Prague. The first big tournament of the season and world’s biggest indoor competition with top players from all around the world.   You can expect: first big test of Ryan’s developing new judging system plenty of space and time for hardcore indoor jamming plenty of friends from around […]

HolyJam 2019

First international tournament in Tel Aviv, Israel after very long time. Practice round for possible FPAW in 2020.   The tournament will take place on Friday and Saturday in the park. Sunday will be dedicated to beach jamming on the beautiful shores of Tel Aviv.   We recommned to plan together with Frisbeer Cup 2019 […]

Paganello 2019

Another edition of legendary Paganello – this time with Kung-fu theme!   More info will come later.  

The JAMMERS 2019

Legendary beach tournament hosted by the Kennys! Fun, fun and more fun. Here are the tides that weekend: 2019-05-17  01:36 EDT  -0.20 feet  Low Tide 2019-05-17  05:49 EDT   Moonset 2019-05-17  06:30 EDT   Sunrise 2019-05-17  07:31 EDT   5.70 feet  High Tide 2019-05-17  13:45 EDT  -0.40 feet  Low Tide 2019-05-17  19:08 EDT   Moonrise 2019-05-17  20:03 EDT   6.51 […]

Kompakt-Overall Bielefeld 2019

Overall tournament in Bielefeld, Germany. Come and play. More info at event’s FB page >>   Samstag, 25.05.19 an der Radrennbahn 10 Uhr – SCF / Discathon (in 2 Gruppen) 13:15 Uhr – Mittagspause 14 Uhr – Freestyle 16 Uhr – DDC Sonntag, 26.05.19 am Obersee 9:30 Uhr – Accuracy / Distance (in 2 Gruppen) […]

German Freestyle Disc Championship 2019

We are happy and proud at the same time to anounce the German Championships 2019 in Freiburg.   The Tournament will go along with the 21st edition of the Juggeling Convention organized by the Freiburg Jugglers, who expect about 250 people for their convention. This includes the possibility for all our guests to take part in […]

Freestyle World Map

This map includes places all over the world where frisbee freestylers meet to jam.