AmsterJAM 2018 in words


In order to describe the 2018 (16th edition of) AmsterJAM I will repeat a comment Rob Fried made about the second edition of AmsterJAM in 2004:
“AmsterJAM is very high on vibes”

Besides being surrounded by ever possitive and supporting Jamily, the conditions at the beach were excellent again; Sun, steady breeze and an audience. Combine that with the AmsterJAM hardpack beach and you have all ingredients for a Jam’n great time.
In fact it was a long weekend of Jams since competition during AmsterJAM only takes one round of pairs (this year that was happening on sunday).
Spirit of the game award went to Tim Pattberg. He was with us every minute eventhough Tim couldn’t Jam due to an injury.


Jams went on till late at night:
I remember Cedric, Riley and myself were jamming at the square in front of Yanks bar till 1:45 on friday night.
Last (city) jam that I joined was on tuesday and around the time of writing everybody is spreading their jam again. In other words AmsterJAM turned back into Amsterdam.
Most AmsterJAMmers will have a hard time waiting for the next edition. Some even proposed to have more editions of AmsterJAM in a year.
Of course you are, anytime of the year, welcome for a Jam if you happen to be in the neighbourhood.


The 2019 AmsterJAM is planned on saturday July 20th and sunday July 21 and I do hope to ‘Z’ many Jammers again.


The #16 AmsterJAM 2018 results:
1. Daniel O’Neill (USA) & Francesco Santolin (Italy) – 9,06
2. Pepijn Tak (Belgium) & Steffen Verstichel (Belgium) – 8,8
3. Freddy Finner (Germany) & Heinz Harald/Harry (Germany) – 8,5
4. Manuel Zach (Germany) & Gregory Lo A Sjoe (Netherlands) – 8,13
5. Jim Dodelson (USA) & Iwan de Moor (Netherlands) – 7,25
6. Jessie Helitack (Germany) & Johanna Wurfschön (Germany) Р6,56
7. Urs Hardegger (Swiss) & Christoph Baba Brack (Swiss) – 5,88
8. Magnus Gjerde Petersen (Norway) & Cedric Roger Stevens (Norway) – 5,69
9. Riley O’Neill (USA) & Kevin Absurdu Surdyka (Germany) – 5,5
10. Steven Lee Rhodes (United Kingdom) & Cotton Mc Aloon Germany/USA) – 4,13


Love, Z’s and happiness

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