Posted by Bethany Sanchez, FPA Treasurer

As the treasurer of your organization, my main responsibility is to take good care of the FPA’s funds.  At each of our FPA board meetings, I provide a written report showing the income that has been received, the expenses we have paid, and the balances left in each account.  We have a policy that the board approves all expenses before I pay them.  For the coming year, I would like to be able to report that the FPA has generated more memberships and more donations than past years.  If we do that, we can spend more on Spread the Jam grants, helping to grow our beloved sport around the world.

I also am the primary person who responds when people send messages to  I have done that job since before I was on the board.  It is a fun way to interact with people who are reaching out to the FPA with questions about how they can learn freestyle, how they can support our sport, and/or how they can get jammers who are willing to do demonstrations for their schools, events, or advertisements.