The Frisbee Temple is a must-visit place for every frisbee player! Created by the very first Italian player, freestyle disc hall of famer, Valentino De Chiara, the Temple it is located in Barona, Milano and besides the museum of Italian frisbee history one can always find there a friends to play frisbee with and an amazing hospitality.


The building used to be a church and that’s why it is called the temple. It is surrounded by a nice public green park where all kind of sports are practiced, frisbee games included.


The temple’s crew is always happy to host people from around the globe, especially frisbee players or travellers who are willing to get involved, volunteer a bit of their time in all kind of activities and have a real taste of Milano in return.


When you get the chance definitely visit this important place of flying disc history and future! Contact Francesco to make all the arrangements.


Francesco Santolin
+39 3474400438


How to support the Temple?

Besides all the reasons mentioned above, the Temple is an old building which needs constant mainanance and few bigger repairs so it can continue to host the jammers and travellers from around the world. Currently the biggest issue is the rooftop. If you want to help getting this repair done, you can donate here:


Or you can just Paypal any amount to:


Watch the following video to see how it looks inside and outside of the Temple, meet the Milano crew and check out the projects which needs to be done :