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  • Timmy
  • Broxup
  • Magic
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • Somerset, England
  • Somerset, UK
  • Web Design + College
  • http://www.ukfrisbee.com
  • 2004
  • Player Bio

    Timmy Broxup has put a great deal of effort into getting the UK freestyle scene off the ground, with the design of www.UKfrisbee.com and getting jammers over for NASS04.

    Now the UK Freestyle Association has got going he is planning on helping sort out a UK competition.

    Timmy as a junior still has much to learn, and travelling to new countries and jamming with new people is really paying off. Not only learning new skills but making new friends.

  • Career Highlights

    European Freestyle Championships (4th intermediate)

  • How I Started

    Tommy Leitner, Fabio Sanna and Jan Sorensen came over to merry old England to perform at the National Adventure Sports Show 2004. They showed us brits how to really jam, and now I can’t stop.

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  • Mentors

    Tommy Leitner, Fabio Sanna, Jan Sorensen, John Titcomb, Steve “The Beast” Hays

  • Partners

    Russell Scott, Giovanni Coppo, Valerio Occorsio, Ollie Gorden, Joe Bevarage, Chris Wright

  • Sponsors

    Tenon Financial Services

  • Other Fun

    Ultimate, Skateboarding, Playing Nintendo

Tournament History

2005 Nass Freestyle ChallengeOpen PairsFinals4