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  • Player Bio

    During the initial phase in the development of Freestyle play, the question was long posed “What if a REAL dancer started to do this”. In 1978 that question was finally answered in the form of Suzanne Strait. A classically trained dancer from the New York School of Ballet, Sue took to freestyle play with a fervor and passion unseen at that time for the Women’s Division. With each newly learned skill she pushed the envelope of what was possible again and again. When she was peaking during the early 1980’s she had set the bar at a seemingly impossible height. Her combination of technique and skill place her in the highest echelon of play even to this day.

    When Sue first saw Freestyle Frisbee while hanging out at Frisbee Hill in Central Park during the mid 1970’s, something sparked inside of her. Perhaps it was the ethereal flight. Or perhaps it was the shared majestic bond between two or more people that the disc creates. Whatever it was, it was like the sport of Freestyle was simply waiting for Suzanne to embrace it. She was a mere 14 years old and it became an obsession for her for the next ten years. In 1979 she teamed with her future partner Jane Englehardt to create what was at that time the singular most dominant team of the late 70’s and early 80’s. They would go on to win 5 major titles including 3 World Disc events. Their 1981 routine at World Disc Santa Cruz won the routine of the decade for the “Skippy Sez” Decades Awards and is considered one of the greatest women’s routines of all time. The following year, Sue embarked on a tour of Sweden with Donnie Rhodes and Jeff Felberbaum showcasing her considerable talent to a brand new international audience.

    During Suzanne’s remarkable run with Jane, they both enhanced what was possible for a women’s player. They also both broke down the gender gap as they were both capable of going toe-to-toe with any male jammer. That would resonate as future women’s players would have the confidence to elevate their own games to new heights. But it is Suzanne’s elegant form and technique that will surely endure the test of time. She was exquisite.

  • Career Highlights

    • 1979 Rose Bowl Women’s Pairs (Engelhardt)
    • 1979 World Disc Women’s Pairs (Engelhardt)
    • 1980 World Disc Women’s Pairs (Engelhardt)
    • 1981 World Disc Women’s Pairs (Engelhardt)
    • 1981 FPA Women’s Pairs (Engelhardt)
    • 1983 US Open (Bronwyn Ryan)

  • How I Started

    First Tournament: 1978 Octad

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  • Mentors

    Stuyvesant HS Freestylers, Central Park Freestylers, Washington Square Wizards.

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2010 FPA World ChampionshipsMixed PairsSemi-Finals7