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  • Rob
  • Capper
  • Cap
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • Wales
  • Milton Keynes, UK
  • Accountant
  • http://www.newcityskimmers.co.uk
  • 1968
  • Player Bio

    Always been dissapointed that there has never been a scene in the UK – though Ultimate and Golf are taking off.

    Semi trying to create a UK association – the BDFA

    British Disc Freestyle Association

    Done NOTHING about it yet but got an e-mail address bdfa@fsmail.net and a logo.

    Hopefully more news to follow, includng a list of UK Jammers and maybe some meetings.

  • Career Highlights

    None – I’m over 40 and am still waiting for something to happen!

  • How I Started

    Beach holiday in 1968, saw “skimmers” got hooked and am still hooked.

Player Details

  • Favorite Moves

    Where you “accidentally” look away and the disc hits you on the side of the head.
    Also the old kids trick of catching it under your shirt

  • Mentors

    Long time UK disc legend Derek Robins

  • Partners

    Play with UK disc golfers “Jester” Wilson and “Dazza” Rose

  • Media & Appearances

    Appeared on Local TV in Wales at the old UK championships in about 1976!

  • Other Fun

    2 kids, general trickery (maths, juggling, magic)

Tournament History

2005 Nass Freestyle ChallengeOpen PairsFinals6